Month: January 2016

Under Surveillance releases ‘Savannah Moon’ – Graffiti Magazine

Under Surveillance releases ‘Savannah Moon’–Savannah-Moon-.html?nav=5017 January 28, 2016  –  Graffiti The Charleston-based rock band, Under Surveillance (US), will release their second CD, “Savannah Moon” on Revolution Records in February. Their 2013 debut CD, “Between the Lines” had consistent airplay on over 400 independent radio stations, podcasts, and FM rock stations across the US, Spain,…

Under Surveillance brings seasoned, original rock – Herald Dispatch

Under Surveillance was interviewed for an article in the Herald Dispatch! Under Surveillance brings seasoned, original rock By DEREK HALSEY For The Herald-Dispatch Jan 28, 2016 HUNTINGTON – Original rock ‘n’ roll is not an easy thing to pull off. Either the original songs don’t hold up, or a group goes the route of becoming…

US on Radio Free Charleston

US on the first episode of Radio Free Charleston 2016! with Rudy Pannuci.